About Ron Ovitt


I have been in the ministry since I was twenty years old and have always been fascinated with listening to God.  Currently I am the Executive Pastor at Calvary Church in Orland Park, Illinois. www.calvaryop.org

Although in ministry my undergrad and grad work is in Psychology. I have studied all my life about our inner being and believe deeply that God wants to meet us there. I believe that God will indeed fellowship with us through His Holy Spirit if we take the time to read and meditate on His word. I also beleive if we slow down and do the exercises at the end of each meditation we will become more and more aware of His presence in our life.

I also have a blog on the Spiritual Gifts. God has gifted you and He disires for you to use them. I invite you to go to www.layministry.com and download your FREE copy of the Spiritual Gifts workbook and go to www.spiritualgifts.wordpress.com to learn more.  And then if you could help us go viral! Send this Blog link, www.spiritualgifts.wordpress.com to everyone you know that could benefit from it. Together, exercising the Gifts He empowers us with, we can be the salt and light that Jesus intended us to be.

Ron Ovitt

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